A newly born Vorh'n.

A Vorh'n is a creature of Lusst'ghaa. They begin as young worm-like creatures, but as they grow older they learn to float through the air. The light that the adult form projects can cow and make quiescent some of the more hostile features of the Land of Eternal Ecstasy.

Vorh'n also contain a strong concentration of Essence, though they tend to lose it quickly if separated from Lusst'ghaa (it is this that make them useful for rituals conducted by the Cult of Ecstasy). Adult Vorh'n are drawn to Essence, and a skilled Seeing can manipulate Essence to attract and direct Vorh'n.

Lust from Beyond (Spoilers)[]

A fully mature Vorh'n

In Lusst'ghaa, Amanda teaches Victor how to direct Vorh'n to make M'nags withdraw.