Victor Holloway is an antiquarian tormented by visions, who is the player character in Lust from Beyond. He has issues from his childhood, especially as relate to his mother.

He is voiced by James Judge.

Lust from Beyond (Spoilers)[]

At the start of Lust from Beyond, Victor is running his grandmother's antiques shop. After closing for the day, he plans a romantic evening with his fiancée, Lily, complete with a guitar present for their anniversary. However, he is struggling with visions, which are exacerbated by mental contact with Amanda, who is on the hunt for other Seeing. As a result of this stress and images of Lusst'ghaa, he hurts Lily during their anniversary love-making. Plagued with guilt (despite Lily forgiving him), he seeks psychiatric help. Lily passes along details of Dr. Austerlitz, who helped her bandmate Tim, and so Victor goes to Bleakmoor to meet him.

While there, Victor is captured by the Scarlet Lodge at the Eden Theatre. There, he is forced by their leader, Dr. Austerlitz, to go to Lusst'ghaa to retrieve the Nature of Universes. Completing his task, Victor tries to escape and only does so through the timely rescue of Amanda and Jonathan.

Taken by them back to Sabinian's Mansion, Victor meets the Cult of Ecstasy. He again goes to Lusst'ghaa, this time with Amanda as a guide, and she mentors him in the powers of the Seeing. She leads him past a statue of Ughro'ecna and eventually to Xu'thrar. Amanda explains that Lusst'ghaa is dying, and the source of Victor's visions is lauv'abrarc sending out cries for help. She says that Xu'thrar contains technology that will heal Lusst'ghaa, meaning if Victor opens Xu'thrar, lauv'abrarc will no longer need to send out his messages and Victor's visions will cease. When Victor attempts to open Xu'thrar, however, he only hears lauv'abrarc's voice telling him that only a specific key can open Xu'thrar and only a specific person can use that key.

Upon return to Earth, Victor attempts to call Lily, but finds that Dr. Austerlitz has kidnapped Lily. Horrified by the idea of the Scarlet Lodge brutalizing Lily, Victor desperately asks the Cult members for help, but only Jonathan agrees to help him. After infiltrating the Eden Theatre, Jonathan suggests the Lodge might be holding Lily in the Hall of Whispers. Victor successfully retrieves the keys to the Hall from within the Bloodhouse, only to find that Lily is not there. Victor resolves to search the quarters next; there, he finds Lily, but Lily calls the cultists to capture Victor.

Rhea sexually brutalizes Victor before ordering him to receive a blowjob from Camilla to transfer to Lusst'ghaa, where he is to find the Chamber of Change. Victor successfully completes this mission as well, but the Chamber of Change turns him into a Changed before Victor returns to the Eden Theatre, proving to the Scarlets that the Chamber of Change is not the salvation they'd been hoping for. Lily then explains to Victor that their entire relationship was a setup, all so she could monitor him on the Lodge's behalf, but leaves Victor his gun and the key to his handcuff. Victor frees himself and fights his way out. Dr. Austerlitz sends Tim to kill Victor, but to Austerlitz's surprise, Victor kills Tim and Jonathan ambushes Austerlitz, holding him at gunpoint, whereupon the player can decide whether to kill or spare Austerlitz.

Jonathan and Victor prepare to leave, but Victor hears Lily playing a song on the guitar he gifted her and he insists on finding Lily to save her. He finds Lily and they admit they do still love one another despite everything, but Jonathan then abruptly kills Lily. Overcome with anger and sorrow, Victor falls unconscious and Jonathan brings him back to Sabinian's Mansion.

When Victor awakens, he seeks out Amanda, who tells him he will be formally inducted into the Cult of Ecstasy. Victor insists on confronting Jonathan, and Amanda tells Victor he can choose to rise above his hate and anger. Victor confronts Jonathan anyway, and the player can choose whether to kill Jonathan or banish him. Either way, Victor feels his life is empty and broken without Lily and Amanda convinces him to join the Cult because they can become Victor's new family and help him heal.

Six months later, Victor has fully embraced the Cult and is studying the recovered Nature of Universes for Amanda. During the winter solstice celebration, Victor participates in a ritual orgy in the dining room and talks to Theodore about some pages from the Nature of Universes seemingly missing. Theodore tells Victor that Lasih's journal might help. Victor unlocks the box holding the journal in the library and is surprised to see Mabel, who tells Victor that she has a bad feeling about the night, since one and a half years ago, during the winter solstice, something terrible happened. She refuses to tell Victor the details, fearing someone will overhear her, but asks him to meet her in the attic later to talk about it.

Upon returning to his room, Victor discovers a path of made of candles and Amanda's clothes. He follows the path to Lusst'ghaa and finds Amanda in the Chamber of Trinity. Amanda reveals that each of the Trinity members has an avatar and expresses hope that Victor is the avatar of Ughro'ecna, which means he will be able to open Xu'thrar. Victor has transcendent, unbelievably hot sex with the Queen of Ecstasy and, as Amanda expected, Victor gains the power of Ughro'ecna and sees a vision of the Mask of Ughro'ecna, the key he must use to open Xu'thrar.

Back on Earth, Victor meets with Mabel in secret. Mabel describes how, one and a half years ago, a vicious and unknown monster had attacked the mansion, gravely wounding and knocking out the Cult members. When they awoke, Amanda was there, and they submitted to her because they sensed her tremendous power. At the same time, Christopher disappeared, and Mabel has a feeling Amanda was behind it all. Despite this, Victor maintains his faith in Amanda and returns to his room to study the Nature of Universes along with Lasih's journal. Victor successfully locates the Mask of Ughro'ecna and sets out to Lusst'ghaa to retrieve it.

Once he returns triumphantly with the Mask, however, he is promptly knocked unconscious by Dominic and Donald, who steal the Mask. Victor awakens and sees Dominic and Donald die from a brutal decapitation. Continuing to investigate, Victor finds many of the Cult members dead and Mabel gravely wounded. Mabel reveals that she had asked Dominic and Donald to search Amanda's room and they'd found the missing pages from the Nature of Universes. Victor finds the pages in Mabel's room and learns that Xu'thrar is not a technological hub as Amanda had claimed, but is instead a prison.

Victor returns to Lusst'ghaa and confronts Amanda at the gates of Xu'thrar. While Amanda has the Mask of Ughro'ecna she took from the Shackleys, she cannot open Xu'thrar; only Victor can. Amanda admits that Lusst'ghaa cannot be healed, but lauv'abrarc himself is imprisoned within Xu'thrar, and once Xu'thrar is opened, lauv'abrarc can travel to Earth, turning it into a new Land of Eternal Ecstasy. Victor realizes that Amanda had been lying to and manipulating him since his raid into the Eden Theatre and Jonathan killing Lily. Also horrified at the prospect of humanity's destruction, Victor opposes Amanda and manages to fight her off, inflicting a horrific mutation on her in the process, only for Amanda to reveal that she is more-or-less unharmed. She offers Victor a choice - have sex with her and open Xu'thrar.

Should the player accept, Victor will once again have indescribably, mind-blowingly hot sex with Amanda and, afterwards, will exchange their dearest memories. Victor's turns out to be when he found the Chamber of Change and had some sex there. They then go to Xu'thrar; Victor dons the Mask of Ughro'ecna and opens the prison, freeing lauv'abrarc.

Should the player refuse, Victor will pretend to surrender but will then stab Amanda to death. He then returns home, but cannot live with his experiences throughout the game, and will commit suicide by shooting himself in the face.