The Changed are among the denizens of Lusst'ghaa, those who underwent forced mutation by their God-King, lauv'abrarc to become beings squirming in eternal ecstasy. The Changed operate on basic instincts, where there was once rational thought there is only lust now. The purpose of the Changed is to feel eternal ecstasy, fueled by the Enthralled who were once enemies of the Lustful God, now made into living sex toys for the Changed.


Lust for Darkness (2018)

A Changed in Lust for Darkness


Humanoid versions of the Changed strike a feminine appearance with a greyish or pinkish skin, wearing metalic, faceless masks, or having a face with no features, and a head with antler-like horns. Changed encountered by Jonathan had arms ending in blades, and showed particulary aggressive behavior toward anyone who entered their realm. The Changed posed as a lethal threat to Jonathan during his time in Lusst'ghaa, and one of these Changed killed Willard Yelverton after their (seemingly) final encounter. After cut him down, the Changed straightway started to devour Yelverton's body. A golden statue, portraying a two possible cult members, playing a Changed and a slave (the figure posing as a Changed is clearly human, wearing a mask and holding a weapon with blades) could be found at Yelverton Manor.

A Changed as depicted in Lust from Beyond: Scarlet

Lust from Beyond (2020)

The Changed have feminine features, with a purpleish, creased skin; monstrous, eyeless face; horns; and claws at the end of their fingers and toes. There are several motionless, presumably dead Changed can be found in Lusst'ghaa, trapped inside obelisks and seemingly frozen in the middle of intercourse, as some kind of bizarre statues. From the Demiurge side stories detailing how the Demiurges unleashed a cancer upon Lusst'ghaa, it may be surmised that the Changed died from this corruption.


Over the course of Lust from Beyond, Victor finds the Chamber of Change and transforms into a non-human form. The player never sees what Victor's new form is, as the game is first-person from Victor's perspective, but it is likely the same form as the Changed seen in-game.