The Seeing are humans whose mind has always been connected to the Essence between worlds, and through it to Lusst'ghaa. As such, they are important conduits for reaching that realm. Some are able to visit Lusst'ghaa in their dreams, whereas others can visit it in person (or perhaps they all have the potential for both, but their exact skill varies with practice and experience).

The Gift of being a Seeing appears to be genetic and runs in family lines.

Notable Seeing include Harriet Yelverton and Amanda Moon.

Seeing and their ability to reach Lusst'ghaa[]


Many Seeing can perceive Lusst'ghaa in their dreams. These visions are often felt to be nightmares, and many Seeing recoil from them. So intense are these visions that nightmare-plagued Seeing often turn to therapy to find a way to escape them. This in turn leads them to the attention of groups like the Cult of Ecstasy and the Scarlet Lodge.


Sufficiently strong Seeing (see below) can physically enter Lusst'ghaa. After inhalation of a special incense, orgasm will allow them to cross into the Land of Eternal Ecstasy. Doing so leaves a breach in reality, called a Trail, that they (or other Seeing) can use to return to Earth.

Portals (Spoilers)[]

Portals are another way to reach Lusst'ghaa, and these too require Seeing. Portals are large rifts between worlds, far stronger than Trails, and can be accessed even by non-Seeing. There are two known ways to create Portals:

  • The child of a Seeing (rather than the Seeing themself) can be sacrificed in a special ritual, at a place designed to be in alignment with Lusst'ghaa. The enacting of this ritual was long the goal of the Cult of Ecstasy, which was explicitly founded to locate Seeing for it.
  • A particularly powerful Seeing can enter the Chamber of Trinity, and receive the blessing of Ac'mlale. Ac'mlale is the Avatar of Essence, and a Seeing empowered by her can create portals at will.

Types of Seeing[]

A Seeing's sensitivity to the Essence seems to vary, and thus far three broad types of Seeing have been identified. They are:

Level 1: Their connection to Lusst'ghaa is weak, they cannot see the Trail, and are pulled back to Earth quickly.

Level 2: These Seeing can get to Lusst'ghaa and stay there until they choose to use a Trail (which they can perceive) to return.

Level 3: These Seeing can not only go to Lusst'ghaa, but can perceive and use the Essence to reshape the Land of Eternal Ecstasy itself. There is said to be only one confirmed Seeing of this power. (Giving the timing of this information, that one would most likely refer to Amanda, though Victor also later exhibits this ability.)

Increase in Seeing[]

In the late 1800s there was one known Seeing, Harriet Yelverton. In the following century, the Cult of Ecstasy searched fruitlessly for another, until they discovered Amanda Moon in 2017.

For some reason, after Amanda's discovery came a flood of new Seeing. The Cult had found Christopher within a couple of years, and the Scarlet Lodge found at least four (Alan, his predecessor, Bobby, and Victor). A note in the Eden Theatre indicates that this increase in Seeing has not gone unnoticed, but the Scarlet Lodge are unaware as to why it is happening.