Sabinian (real name Giorgio Bianchi) is a member of the Cult of Ecstasy in the 21st century.

He is voiced by Brandon Fague.

Lust for Darkness (Spoilers)[]

Sabinian was present at Yelverton Manor for the events of the first game. He was invited by W.D.Y. (most likely Willard Yelverton), and his invitation was found by Jonathan Moon and used by him to gain entrance to the Manor.

Later, overhearing two cultists talking, it seems that Sabinian had begun warning the others away from Lusst'ghaa. He spread that word that the first cultists who entered had died, and he was the only one who made it out alive. His persuassive words saw several cultists doubt Willard (who they privately suspected was mad) and secretly flee Yelverton Manor.

Lust from Beyond: Prologue (Spoilers)[]

Sabinian has been helping Christopher into the Cult, and Christopher seems to respect what he says.

However, Ephraim has been growing worried about Sabinian. At Sabinian's command, Ephraim searched the home of Amanda Moon. He suggests that Sabinian has become obsessed with finding Amanda, and believes that Sabinian may have assisted her and Jonathan in destroying Yelverton Manor (most likely because it was Sabinian's invitation that got Jonathan into the Manor). Worse, Sabinian has been spending time at the hotel in Bleakmoor, which is controlled by the Scarlet Lodge, and as such Ephraim is unsure of Sabinian's loyalties.

Lust from Beyond: Scarlet (Spoilers)[]

In Nat's room there is a recording of a conversation between Sabinian and Dr. Austerlitz. Sabinian speaks of his faith that there is some meaning behind what is going on, though Austerlitz says that Willard thought the same and was wrong. Sabinian says that he has met Amanda, that she understands Lusst'ghaa better than anyone and that lauv'abrarc has touched her. Austerlitz does not care, and presses Sabinian about joining the Scarlet Lodge to put things rights. Sabinian accepts.

Preceded by
Willard Yelverton
Leader of the Cult of Ecstasy
2018 to 2020
Succeeded by
Amanda Moon