Rhea is a member of the Scarlet Lodge and the grand-daughter of Lasih.

She is voiced by Amy Saville.

Lust from Beyond: Scarlet (Spoilers)[]

Rhea lures Alan to the Eden Theatre under the pretense of sex, trapping him and trying to make use of his abilities as a Seeing.

According to a note from "C.A." she was instructed to delay Alan while they cleaned the cell from the previous Seeing.

In the recording in Nat's room, Dr. Austerlitz describes Rhea as like a daughter to him, but he is concerned by her recent changes, how she toys with men and feeds on their lust.

Lust from Beyond (Spoilers)[]

Victor first meets Rhea as he traverses the Eden Theatre attempting to find refuge from the Scarlet Lodge cultists chasing him through Bleakmoor. Unfortunately for Victor, the Eden Theatre is the Lodge headquarters, and Rhea discovers Victor and orders him to prepare the stage. Should Victor dawdle, Rhea will summon cultists to attack him.

After completing Rhea's orders, Victor attempts to flee underground but is knocked out. He awakens bound to the cross on the stage of the theatre and witnesses Dr. Austerlitz order Rhea to leave.

Later, Victor attempts to rescue Lily, but is captured again by the Lodge as Lily is herself a member of the Lodge. Rhea personally carries out sexual torture on Victor as the Lodge prepares to send him to Lusst'ghaa to find the Chamber of Change. Victor successfully finds the Chamber of Change, but the effect is not as the Scarlets hoped - Victor turns into a Changed and returns to the theatre, demonstrating to the Scarlets that the Chamber of Change will not heal their insanity, but will instead transform them into the Changed. Why the Scarlets thought the Chamber of Change would do anything other than Change them is never explained.

Upon seeing Victor's Changed form, Rhea falls into despair and commits suicide. Dr. Austerlitz is seen dancing with her body before sending Tim to kill Victor.

Should the player find the side stories regarding the Scarlet Lodge, the player will learn that Rhea is the granddaughter of Lasih, the right-hand of Doreen Austerlitz, original founder of the Cult of Ecstasy. When Doreen died, Willard Yelverton took over the Cult and attempted to kill a young Charles Austerlitz. Lasih intervened on Charles's behalf, but Willard killed Lasih. Horrified, Charles took Rhea and fled the Cult. Later on, Willard would find Charles and Rhea. He proceeded to abduct Rhea, drugging her and forcing her into sex and orgies at the Cult. During the events of Lust for Darkness, Rhea was one of the cultists who entered Lusst'ghaa and was hooked up to the pleasure machines there, resulting in her experiencing extreme and constant sexual ecstasy. At that time, Charles entered Lusst'ghaa and found her, disconnecting her from the machine and bringing her and a few other cultists back to Earth. Those cultists would become the first members of the Scarlet Lodge - people driven mad by the heightened sexual ecstasy they experienced in Lusst'ghaa.


Photo of Rhea in the Hall of Whispers.

There is a photograph of Rhea in the Hall of Whispers, on the office desk (presumably, Austerlitz's).