Nat as she appears in Lust from Beyond: Scarlet

Natalya (also known as Nat) is one of the Seeing, a fact that she managed to keep hidden.

Lust from Beyond: Scarlet (Spoilers)[]

Nat is a member of the Scarlet Lodge and has a room in the Eden Theatre. She was told by "C.A." to clean it up, but instead sealed the entrance after stealing his voice recorder.

Lust from Beyond (Spoilers)[]

After the fall of the Scarlet Lodge, Nat (now calling herself Natalya) has struggled with the horrors she endured, both in Lusst'ghaa and with the Lodge. Deciding that she cannot escape the grip Lusst'ghaa has on her, she decides to join the Cult of Ecstasy. However, she explains to Victor that she still feels uneasy with their rituals and holds back from fully participating.

More importantly, Natalya reveals that she is one of the Seeing, a fact she hid from the Scarlet Lodge.

Natalya in Lust from Beyond, having joined the Cult of Ecstasy after the fall of the Scarlet Lodge.

At the end of the game, if Victor has rejected Amanda, Natalya and Sabinian find his corpse. Together they take the Mask of Ughro'ecna. At this point, Natalya is the only known Seeing.


Nat / Natalya is named for her voice actress, Natalya Ivanova. In Lust from Beyond: Scarlet, she voices the Scarlet Lodge cultist depicted on this page. As such, it is assumed that this cultist is Nat herself.