Mabel (real name Jessica Gill) is a Novice member of the Cult of Ecstasy in 2020, and is promoted to the rank of Proponent in 2021.

Mabel is voiced by Elsie Lovelock.

Lust from Beyond: Prologue (Spoilers)[]

Mabel was tasked with recruiting Christopher into the Cult, with evident success. She still likes him, even suggesting he come to her bedroom later, but his affection to her seems to have dimmed. He has been writing a letter to her, saying that there is no trust between them.

Later, she is seen having sex with Dominic and Donald. Once the cultists vanish, Mabel is found in the attic of the mansion, in the Room of Delights. She is lying, unresponsive, on a pleasure chair.

Lust from Beyond (Spoilers)[]

Mabel remains a member of the Cult and is often seen crying over Christopher's disappearance. She looks after Victor when he is brought to the Cult's mansion after Jonathan and Amanda rescue him from the Scarlet Lodge. She again looks after him after he returns from rescuing Lily. Mabel also gives Victor a tarot card reading that hints at his situation and future.

Eventually, she confides in Victor that she doesn't trust Amanda, since Amanda first appeared the night Christopher disappeared (the events of the Prologue). Her fears turn out to be correct. She gets Dominic and Donald to search Amanda's room, thus discovering that she has been hiding the truth of Xu'thrar from everyone. In response, the Cult rebels against Amanda and Amanda's wrath was great. Dominic and Donald pay the ultimate price for betraying the Queen while Mabel is heavily injured. If the player talks to Theodore and convinces him to help Mabel, he will point Victor to a potion and Mabel will survive the attack. Otherwise, Mabel will die and Theodore will have sex with Mabel's corpse.

Mabel's tarot readings[]

While Victor is waiting to speak to Amanda, Mabel offers Victor a tarot reading. She lays out 12 cards face-down: 4 for the past, 4 for the present, and 4 for the future and instructs Victor to choose one of each. While the Major Arcana has 22 cards, Mabel only offers the 12 below. Each card on the table during the reading is, in fact, unique, and each card has some relevance to Victor's past, present, and future.

The possible past cards:

Mabel's interpretation: The Hermit suggests Victor has been introspecting and focusing on his inner self.

Relevance to Victor: While the game never expands on Victor's past, it seems to have been a troubled one. Victor responds during the reading that he sought medical help for something, but realized the doctor was terrible and stopped treatment. Victor also comments that his revolver brings back bad memories if the revolver is examined at the beginning of the game. He makes a similar comment when examining his gross fleshlight. From these details, one may surmise that Victor, tormented by visions of Lusst'ghaa throughout his life, developed a heightened, potentially violent sex drive that he has struggled with in the past.


Mabel's interpretation: The Hanged Man suggests Victor has delved into the subconscious and is ready for a deeper understanding.

Relevance to Victor: At this point in the game, Victor has just been rescued from the Scarlet Lodge, where Dr. Austerlitz explained Lusst'ghaa and Seeing to him. In particular, this is the first time in Victor's life he has learned that his "dreams" of Lusst'ghaa were actual visions of a real alternate dimension.



Mabel's interpretation: The Devil suggests Victor has some wild, primal, insatiable urge.

Relevance to Victor: As seen in his 1-year anniversary with Lily, Victor's sexual urges are strong and not very well controlled. After fighting Amanda at the end of the game, Amanda comments that Victor's sexual urges are what really matter to and drive him. It is possible that, as a powerful Seeing, Victor's libido is heightened by Lusst'ghaa itself.


Mabel's interpretation: The High Priestess can limit the flow between the conscious and subconscious. She suggests Victor not try to analyze the subconscious too logically.

Relevance to Victor: Victor later expresses his admiration of rational thinking; indeed, he is the avatar of Ughro'ecna, whose sphere is that of technology. When confronted with the alien, unknowable dimension of Lusst'ghaa, however, traditional rational thinking very quickly falls short. The most recent events of Victor's life - being captured by a maddened sex cult and teleported via blowjob to an alien dimension to retrieve a book about alternate dimensions - have prompted Victor to remark that he's ready to believe anything (though, curiously, he expresses much skepticism toward Mabel's tarot readings).

The possible present cards:



Mabel's interpretation: The Lovers suggests Victor's relationship is in danger, as the two people within the relationship aren't fully united and have diverging beliefs and paths.

Relevance to Victor: As Victor will find out soon, Lily was originally sent to spy on him and monitor him by the Scarlet Lodge.


Mabel's interpretation: The Chariot suggests Victor's life is currently in motion, but Victor should be careful, as Victor is not yet an experienced "traveler."

Relevance to Victor: At this point in the game, Victor is beginning his first steps toward understand Lusst'ghaa. Indeed, immediately after the reading, Amanda shows Victor how to manipulate Essence and navigate Lusst'ghaa. Of course, at this point in the game, Victor has little experience with Lusst'ghaa.



Mabel's interpretation: Temperance suggests Victor must achieve balance between activity and passivity.

Relevance to Victor: Victor jokes that perhaps he should be less active in bed and allow Lily to take charge, which is a rather true statement given what happened on their 1-year anniversary. Mabel reacts with annoyance.


Mabel's interpretation: The Moon indicates Victor is beginning to perceive reality differently.

Relevance to Victor: At this point in the game, Victor is beginning his first steps toward understand Lusst'ghaa. One might also consider how the moon is Amanda's symbol (not to mention her married surname); Amanda ends up being the one to open Victor's mind to Lusst'ghaa the most.

The possible future cards:


Mabel's interpretation: The Tower indicates a drastic, sudden change about to befall Victor.

Relevance to Victor: Immediately after this reading, Victor learns how to manipulate the Essence of an alien dimension. He then conducts a raid to save his fiancée, but learns that she initiated their relationship to spy on him, not because she loved him. His fiancée is then killed and he gives up his previous life to join the Cult of Ecstasy, after which he assumes his place as the human avatar of a Lusst'ghaan deity, placing in his hands the power to unleash the Lustful God upon Earth.


Mabel's interpretation: The Wheel of Fortune indicates that destiny is coming and Victor is powerless to stop it.

Relevance to Victor: In a rather meta sense, Victor's path through the game is linearly locked until the very end. He will attempt to rescue Lily, get captured by the Lodge because Lily is a Lodge member, watch his fiancée die, get inducted into the Cult under Amanda's command, become Ughro'ecna's avatar, and achieve the power necessary to free lauv'abrarc. Victor plays right into the hands of no less than 3 people over the course of the game.


Mabel's interpretation: Death indicates Victor will pay a terrible price to give up his old life and be reborn into a new one.

Relevance to Victor: Regardless of what Victor does, his old life is gone. If he sides with Amanda in the ending, he irrevocably changes Earth's fate by unleashing an alien lust god upon humanity. If he sides against her, he commits suicide over the events of the game, literally invoking death.



Mabel's interpretation: Strength points to the power to show restraint of will, but Mabel cautions Victor that the strength could be used against him.

Relevance to Victor: Victor can choose to resist his lust and oppose Amanda during the ending. By doing so, he condemns himself to continued Seeing visions, the memory of Lily's betrayal and death, and the constant question of whether he did the right thing, given humanity's constant penchant for self-destruction. Despite what Victor says to Amanda about living with his past, he is ultimately unable to and commits suicide.


In all of her appearances, Mabel is seen being barefoot. She seems to have nice feet.

Mabel's wonderful bare feet.