Lust From Beyond is the sequel to Lust for Darkness. The game is preceded by two Free-to-play installments that lead into it, and explain some of what has happened since Lust for Darkness. The first of these is simply called Prologue, and the second is called Scarlet. After several delays, the game was finally released on March 12, 2021.

The game has since had two big updates. The Sensual Update was released on June 18th, 2021. It added the option to have sex with Mabel, and an extra sex scene with Amanda. It also added the four 'Chambers of Pleasure', the option to revisit two of the major sex scenes of the game, plus two other scenes not in the game itself.

The Explorer's Update was added on October 1st, 2021. It added the option to view the character models of the game, unlocked by collecting items and completing the game's chapters. Additional collectible items were added to facilitate this, specifically in Lusst'ghaa.

Lust from Beyond: Prologue[]


Lust from Beyond - Release Date Reveal Trailer (Censored)

In the Prologue, the player takes the role of Christopher, a new member of the Cult of Ecstasy and a Seeing.

Lust from Beyond: Scarlet[]

In the second prologue, the player takes the role of Alan. He discovers the Scarlet Lodge, who wish to make use of his talents as a Seeing.

Plot summary (Spoilers)[]

The player takes the role of Victor Holloway, an antiquarian tormented by visions of a sinister land full of lechery and pain. He tries to live a normal life and settle down with his fiancée Lily. During their 1-year anniversary, while having sex Victor gets overly aggressive and Lily tell him to stop, but he doesn't until she angrily pushes him off her. Afterward, Victor has another vision and roams Lusst'ghaa. He hears Amanda Moon's voice before waking up violently. Lily attempts to comfort him, but he instinctively bats her hand away.

Reeling with guilt over his actions, Victor agrees to go see a psychotherapist, Dr. Charles Austerlitz, in the city of Bleakmoor. Victor is late to his appointment, and he traverses the seemingly deserted town attempting to find a way to contact Dr. Austerlitz. When he finally manages to call Dr. Austerlitz, Austerlitz's almost desperate and zealous demeanor alarms Victor, but he is convinced to stay the night in Bleakmoor at the Hotel Desire.

That night, Victor has another vision. He hears Amanda's voice telling him to go to her and sees a naked Lily on the ground. Amanda tells Victor to copulate with Lily. Victor does so and, as he climaxes, Lily transforms into Amanda. Victor doesn't comment on this and wakes up soon after, with his hand covered in semen. At that point, a masked violent man attempts to attack Victor. Victor escapes and flees throughout the town seemingly swarmed with barbaric figures looking for him. He ends up seeking help at the Eden Theatre, where he is swiftly captured by Rhea and the Scarlet Lodge and meets their leader, who is revealed to be Dr. Austerlitz. Austerlitz explains that Victor's visions are of a real place called Lusst'ghaa, and instructs him to recover the Nature of Universes, a book written by Charles's grandmother. Austerlitz then gives fellatio to Victor to send him in. Victor succeeds in the mission, but Dr. Austerlitz orders his members to seize Victor to retain him for more missions. Victor is eventually seized by a member, and sees Amanda and Jonathan Moon intervene to rescue him before falling unconscious.

Victor recovers in the base of the Cult of Ecstasy, meeting the members and eventually Amanda. He is told that the cult seeks to understand Lusst'ghaa, while the Scarlet Lodge seeks to destroy all traces of it. Victor is a Seeing One: he is sensitive to Lusst'ghaa's energies, which makes him a coveted asset. Amanda is also a Seeing; she brings him to Lusst'ghaa, teaching him how to command Essence to manipulate mechanisms, and cautions about the Changed creatures that inhabit the land. They arrive at Xu'thrar, an inner sanctum locked behind a gate. Amanda tells Victor that Xu'thrar contains technology that can heal Lusst'ghaa from a cancer that plagues the land by corrupting Essence; thus, successfully opening Xu'thrar will stop his visions from arising. Victor touches the gate, but it doesn't open. He instead receives a vision from lauv'abrarc telling him that only a chosen person can open Xu'thrar.

Back on Earth, Victor attempts to call Lily to tell her about his plans, but hears that Dr. Austerlitz has kidnapped Lily. Horrified by the idea of the sociopathic Lodge holding his fiancée, Victor desperately asks the Cult members for assistance, but only Jonathan agrees to help him. Jonathan and Victor infiltrate the Eden Theatre and Victor finds Lily, but Lily reveals that she herself is a member of the Scarlet Lodge, and they capture and sexually brutalize Victor.

They force Victor to go back to Lusst'ghaa to find the Chamber of Change, which the Lodge members hope will heal them of their sexual urges and insanity. Victor finds the Chamber and returns, but being around the Chamber has turned him into one of the Changed, demonstrating that the Chamber of Change will not, in fact, heal them. Lily is brought to Victor; she tells him that their relationship was a setup, as she was sent to him by the Lodge to spy on him and observe his abilities. She gives him his gun and a key and tells him not to follow her.

Victor fights his way out of the theatre, eventually reverting to human form due to the Chamber's effect wearing off. After Victor kills a mutated Lodge member, Jonathan seizes Austerlitz at gunpoint. The player can choose whether to kill Austerlitz, after which Victor says that he needs to find Lily. Upon finding her, they confess that they still love each other. Jonathan abruptly kills Lily, telling Victor that he had similarly saved Amanda in the past, only for her to give up that chance in pursuit of the secrets of Lusst'ghaa - he wanted to save Victor from being driven by love, and eventually being forsaken in the end. Overcome with anger and sorrow, Victor falls unconscious and Jonathan brings him back to the Cult.

Back at the Mansion, Amanda informs Victor that he will be inducted into the Cult. The player can choose whether to kill Jonathan or banish him, after which Victor joins the cult and a 6-month timeskip occurs. During this time, Victor studies the recovered Nature of Universes, but finds a few pages seemingly missing.

During the winter solstice, Victor meets Amanda in the Lusst'ghaa Chamber of Trinity, where they discuss the three deities of Lusst'ghaa. One is lauv'abrarc himself, who initiated the plan to transform Lusst'ghaa from a regular place into a land of eternal ecstasy. The second is Ac'mlale, who taught and allowed lauv'abrarc to wield Essence; without her powers, his plans would never have succeeded. Similarly, the third deity, Ughro'ecna, betrayed the Caste of the Omniscient and provided lauv'abrarc with the advanced technology needed to transform the his people to the Changed.

Amanda reveals that each of the gods has an avatar that can wield that god's power. Willard Yelverton received the power of lauv'abrarc himself and was able to initiate events on Earth. Amanda received Ac'mlale's power and thus can command Essence and open portals at will. Victor copulates with Amanda and then receives Ughro'ecna's power, giving him control over all Lusst'ghaan technology. In particular, this means he can wear Ughro'ecna's mask and open Xu'thrar.

Victor learns about the mask and deduces its location, then travels back to Lusst'ghaa to retrieve it. Upon return, he is knocked unconscious by Dominic and Donald, who take the mask. Victor wakes up to find the mansion desecrated by a slaughter. The cultists have attempted to rebel against Amanda, but were overwhelmed when she summoned her Child. Mabel informs Victor that they searched Amanda's room and found the missing pages from Nature of Universes, which implies that Amanda hid the truth about Xu'thrar and sacrificed unwitting Seeing Ones. Reading the pages reveals to Victor that Xu'thrar is not a technological hub that will heal Lusst'ghaa, but instead lauv'abrarc's prison. He realizes Amanda had orchestrated all the events from Jonathan killing Lily to him becoming an avatar, all so she could take the mask and free lauv'abrarc, who will forcefully turn Earth into another land of eternal ecstasy.

Armed with a handgun, Victor confronts Amanda at Xu'thrar, realizing that only he can open the gate as the god's avatar. He objects to her scheming and seeks to preserve humanity from forceful conversion, while she wants to free humanity from suffering with eternal ecstasy. They battle, and Victor causes Amanda to contract corruption to her Essence, forcing a horrific mutation on her. An enraged Amanda fights back and Victor barely manages to hold his own, only for Amanda to reveal that she is more-or-less unharmed. Amanda tells Victor that he cannot win against her and suggests he copulate with her and open Xu'thrar with her. The player can choose to accept or reject the offer.

Depending on player choice, different endings in the epilogue occur for Dr. Austerlitz, Mabel, and Jonathan.


Victor admits his desire for lust and concedes that he cannot defeat Amanda. He and the mutated Amanda copulate, and they exchange their most cherished memories. Amanda reveals her dearest memory was when Jonathan proposed to her, indicating that even after all that's happened, she still loves her husband. Victor, on the other hand, says his dearest memory was when he found the Chamber of Change and he copulated with a Changed. The player experiences a flashback to the Chamber of Change level with extended navigation to its inner sanctum where Changed are located.

Back to the present, they go to open Xu'thrar and free lauv'abrarc. The epilogue in this scenario has lauv'abrarc appearing on Earth and beginning the transformation into a land of eternal ecstasy.


Victor decides that accepting the offer is the only way to end the matter. Once he moves close to Amanda, he repeatedly stabs and kills her. He returns to life as an antiquarian, fulfilling an order for his client, Mrs. Hudson. Over the phone, she asks whether he will find a new girlfriend, he replies that his previous girlfriend has died. Hudson laments how she cannot help him, and remarks that her purchases from Victor's shop help remind of her late husband, soothing the pain for "a short while". She then asks about his most beautiful memory, to which he ends the conversation.

Victor remarks to himself that his dearest memory was when he found the Chamber of Changed and he copulated with a Changed. The player experiences a flashback to the Chamber of Changed level with extended navigation to its inner sanctum where Changed are located.

Back to the present, he grieves over a handgun and some files, supposedly about Lily. He is haunted by remarks from everyone he has met, the pain of his loss becoming too much to bear. He takes the handgun and fires at himself.