Lusst'ghaa is an extra-dimensional plane of existence in which the Cult of Ecstasy believed their salvation resided. A dark and cold place filled with erotic structures and inhuman creatures which subsist on sexual pleasure, Lusst'ghaa follows different laws of physics from Earth.


The realm of Lusst'ghaa was once home to a humanoid species who could manipulate Essence and had very advanced technology developed and controlled by the Caste of the Omniscient. The God-King Iauv'abrarc sought a way to eternal happiness, which he believed to be achieved through sexual ecstasy. He thus proposed surgeries on all of his people to change their bodies into beings who felt nothing but lust and perpetual orgasm. Ac'mlale, of the Caste of the Seekers, was the first to endorse his plan. She taught lauv'abrarc how to channel Essence, bolstering his abilities.

The Caste of the Omniscient opposed their God-King's decision and a civil war broke out. Ughro'ecna, an Omniscient, betrayed his Caste and joined lauv'abrarc, thereby giving him access to Omniscient technology. Eventually, the Omniscients lost the war. As a result, their leader, Zhadhr'ithesz, was made into the first of the Enthralled: living sex toys that felt nothing. After the war, the God-King introduced forced mutation of the species throughout the land, turning the species into the Changed, who used the Enthralled to receive sexual pleasure. The God-King Iauv'abrarc also performed the change upon himself, but left a fraction of his old mind behind so that he was still capable of rational thought, but feel less pleasure than the other Changed. After the change, the God-King named himself The Lustful God.

By doing this, however, lauv'abrarc had violated the natural order set forth by the Demiurges. Lusst'ghaa ceased to change. Its denizens felt the pinnacle of ecstasy and nothing else. As such, the Demiurges inflicted cancer upon Lusst'ghaa, first infecting the Enthralled and eventually the Changed, dooming Lusst'ghaa to corruption and ruin.

Lust for Darkness (Spoilers)[]

In 2018, led by Willard Yelverton, the Cult of Ecstasy on Earth opened the doors to Lusst'ghaa. Several cultists, eager to experience the Land of Eternal Ecstasy, went through. Many met their end at the hands of the Changed. Several were hooked up to pleasure machines that penetrated them repeatedly and pumped them full of semen. As revealed in the sequel, the few cultists that survived and returned to Earth (rescued by Charles Austerlitz) suffered from insanity and extreme, insatiable sexual urges. These cultists left the greater Cult and banded together as the Scarlet Lodge, under Austerlitz's leadership.

Lust From Beyond: Scarlet (Spoilers)[]

The Scarlet Lodge are conducting experiments with sending several involuntary Seeing (among them Alan) into Lusst'ghaa. They seem to seek the Chamber of Change, which they hope will heal them of their insanity and extreme sex drive.

Lust from Beyond (Spoilers)[]

During her time mentoring Victor, Amanda explains about a corruption afflicting Lusst'ghaa. There are nodes of sickness called V'akl that sap the Essence from the Seeing, and she describes these as a symptom of the plague. This turns out to be the cancer inflicted upon Lusst'ghaa by the Demiurges; as such, Lusst'ghaa is dying and cannot be saved. It may be surmised that the petrified/dead Changed and Enthralled found throughout Lusst'ghaa met their end via this plague.

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