Lily as she appears on her anniversary with Victor.

Lily is a young musician and member of a band called The Ruby. At the start of Lust from Beyond, she is engaged to Victor Holloway.

She is voiced by Sara Secora.

Lust from Beyond (Spoilers)[]

During Lily and Victor's 1-year anniversary, Victor gifts Lily a guitar. Afterward, they begin to have sex. Lily tells Victor to slow down, but Victor ignores her, causing Lily to throw him off her angrily. Victor then has another vision of Lusst'ghaa and wakes up violently from it. When Lily tries to reach out a hand to Victor to help him up, he instinctively slaps her hand away.

Victor feels guilty about essentially committing rape and assault and Lily sends him to a psychotherapist, Dr. Charles Austerlitz, convincing him that he can help with his visions and sexual urges. When Victor goes to his appointment, however, he discovers that Dr. Austerlitz is in fact leader of the Scarlet Lodge, a group of maddened cultists who want to use his Seeing powers to find a way to heal their insanity from Lusst'ghaa. Victor would have remained their captive, but Jonathan and Amanda rescue him. In response, Dr. Austerlitz seemingly captures Lily to force Victor to return to him. Victor and Jonathan conduct a raid on the Eden Theatre to save Lily, but when Victor finds Lily, Lily calls out to the members of the Scarlet Lodge to seize Victor.

In truth, Lily is a member of the Scarlet Lodge, sent to observe and track Victor due to Victor being a Seeing. She initially took to her mission with a detached indifference and was the one who sent Victor to Dr. Austerlitz, knowing that Austerlitz would imprison Victor and exploit his abilities. When Victor escaped, Lily devised a plan to pretend to be captured by Austerlitz, knowing Victor would rush to her "rescue."

Lily, however, did eventually develop feelings for Victor during their relationship, and deeply regretted her actions while Victor was in captivity. She gave Victor the key to his handcuff and his gun, allowing him to kill his way out of the Eden Theatre. After Victor deals with a cornered Dr. Austerlitz, he attempts to reconcile with Lily and they confess their maintained feelings for one another despite everything, but then Jonathan abruptly shoots Lily in the head, killing her.

Appearance (Spoilers)[]

Lily's worn sneakers.

In her regular outfit, Lily wears a red tank-top with her band's logo on it, dark tan shorts, and hot Converse sneakers. She sports an elaborate tattoo on her left forearm.

Later, Lily reappears in her Scarlet Lodge attire, which is more revealing.