Lasih was a member of the Cult of Ecstasy.

In May 1928, Doreen Austerlitz invited Lasih and several academics to a meeting about their search for a Seeing.

Years later, it was Lasih who discovered that Benedict Yelverton was the child of a Seeing and thus could be used as a sacrifice to open the gates of Lusst'ghaa.

As the right hand of Doreen Austerlitz, it was Lasih who was sent to acquire Benedict for sacrifice, only to find that he had killed himself. In December 1960, Doreen wrote to Lasih about her terminal illness, instructing him that Willard Yelverton would soon lead the Cult.

Lasih had a granddaughter named Rhea. After Doreen's death, Lasih mentored Charles Austerlitz, Doreen's grandson, and saw him as a son. Willard, however, saw Charles as a threat to his rule and wanted to have him killed. Lasih intervened on Charles's behalf, but then Willard killed Lasih.

Lust from Beyond: Prologue (Spoilers)[]

Sabinian quotes from "The Book of Lasih."

Lust from Beyond (Spoilers)[]

Over the course of researching the Nature of Universes, Victor notes that a few pages are missing. He consults with Theodore, who suggests Victor look at Lasih's journal, which is simpler compared to the full Book of Lasih and describes the content of the Nature of Universes.