Jonathan Moon is the protagonist of the 2018 erotic horror video game Lust for Darkness and a main supporting character in it's 2021 sequel, Lust from Beyond. An architect, he and his wife Amanda Moon built their home together and lived a simple, happy life in their suburban town. This ended when Amanda disappeared roughly a year before the events of the first game, leaving her husband alone.

In all his appearances so far he is voiced by Gianni Matragrano.

Lust for Darkness (Spoilers)[]

Jonathan receives a message from Amanda, directing him to come find her at Yelverton Manor. This is he does, on the same night that the Cult of Ecstasy are opening the doors to Lusst'ghaa. Jonathan infiltrates the Cult with Amanda's help, believing himself to be there to rescue both her and their child. In fact, his child by Amanda has been aborted, and she has since given birth to another child, this one by Willard Yelverton. It is by means of this baby that the doors to Lusst'ghaa were opened.

Jonathan bounces back and forth between Yelverton Manor and Lusst'ghaa, seeking clues and evading Willard. Finally, he frees Amanda and together they set fire to the Manor.

However, the damage is done. Amanda has been converted to the Cult, and in the time following she grows more depraved. Embracing Lusst'ghaa, she has sex with Jonathan as a portal to the Land of Eternal Ecstasy opens.

Lust from Beyond: Prologue (Spoilers)[]

Jonathan appears at the end of the Prologue, in Lusst'ghaa and apparently in service to Amanda.

Lust from Beyond (Spoilers)[]

At the start of Lust from Beyond, Jonathan seems to have joined Amanda in her reuniting with the Cult of Ecstasy, and is seen waiting in the ceremony room prior to Theodore's ritual with the Vorh'n. It is unclear whether he participates in the subsequent orgy or not.

Later, he and Amanda rescue Victor from the Scarlet Lodge. By this time, Jonathan seems at peace with killing, and shoots a Scarlet Lodge cultist in the head. After saving Victor, they evidently go back to the Lodge, and rescue another Seeing named Bobby.