Ghar'ne is a form of cancer that devours universes. It is also known as Corruption and is, in some unexplained way, composed from the Demiurges Transformation and Matter. It seems to act primarily by Corrupting Essence.

The initial universes created from the Demiurges - Matter infused with Essence and then Transformed into a new universe - did not survive long and the Demiurges constantly destroyed them with Ghar'ne so they could use the leftover pieces and try again. Eventually, the Demiurges changed their approach - rather than create a universe and leave it to its own devices, the Demiurges appointed a Trinity into each universe to guide it. These universes were more successful and continually evolved and changed, following the natural order of Transformation.

Lusst'ghaa became an exception to this rule when lauv'abrarc turned his people into the Changed, beings who felt nothing but lust and perpetual orgasm. Lusst'ghaa ceased to change and evolve - its denizens were now mindless, lustful creatures. Since Lusst'ghaa had violated the natural order of Transformation, the Demiurges inflicted Ghar'ne upon Lusst'ghaa, dooming it to ruin and death.


An Enthralled Corrupted by Ghar'ne due to the leaking tumor above it.

In-game, Ghar'ne serves as a puzzle mechanic. First, the player will encounter sporangia of Ghar'ne growing throughout the structures of Lusst'ghaa. By feeding the sporangia with Essence, the tumor will grow and allow the player to walk over it, possibly allowing the player to traverse gaps. To feed the sporangia with Essence, the player must infect an Enthralled with the cancer, lead it to the sporangium, and kill it, allowing the corrupted Essence of the Enthralled to flow into the sporangium and cause it to grow.

An infused sporangium of Ghar'ne. The three tumors in the distance span a gap, allowing the player to cross it by walking over the tumors.

In addition, the player will encounter V'akl nodes, also symptoms of Ghar'ne. When approached, V'akl nodes will drain Victor's Essence meter, forcing the player to find a new source of Essence or find a way to get around the node without stepping through it.