Doreen Austerlitz (1892 - 1960) was a professor of psychology and philosophy. She was well-known for her controversial ideas on other worlds, writing them down in a book called "The Nature of Universes."

She eventually became aquainted with Benedict Yelverton, helping him study the madness of his mother, Harriet Yelverton (though Benedict hid the exact nature of their relationship). The book of his father, Milton Yelverton, was a revelation for Doreen, giving her greater insight to another world. Benedict was obsessed with the idea of a conjunction between our world and Lusst'ghaa, and Doreen saw it as a chance to throw off the shackles of humanity.

Their quest for transcendence required the child of a Seeing as a sacrifice. To find one, Doreen recruited some of her fellow academics, who then drew in powerful figures of business and politics. Not wishing to see the group grow too large, she limited its numbers, making it only for the elite. They became the Cult of Ecstasy. When Benedict distanced himself from the cult, Doreen fully took over.

When cult member Lasih discovered that Benedict Yelverton was the child of a Seeing, the cult wanted to use him as a sacrifice. To prevent this and thwart the Cult, Benedict committed suicide.

In the years that followed, Doreen controlled the Cult and sought another Seeing. During this time she had a child, Maurice. Maurice was a degenerate who squandered the advantages of his birth, and was a disappointment to her.

Eventually, Doreen discovered that she was terminally ill. Fearing that she would not complete her quest to lead the Cult to Lusst'ghaa, she groomed young Willard Yelverton as her replacement as leader. In December of 1960, she wrote to Lasih about this, regretting that she would be leaving him.

Satisfied that Willard would succeed, she died happy.

For a while, Maurice took over the Cult, but was indeed eventually replaced by Willard.

Lust from Beyond: Prologue (Spoilers)[]

Doreen is honored by the new incarnation of the Cult of Ecstasy with a statue of her in their new mansion.

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Leader of the Cult of Ecstasy
1928 to c.1970s
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