The Cult of Ecstasy are a group of men and women who are fascinated by Lusst'ghaa, and through it seek transcendence into a state of happiness beyond humanity.

The group was formed by Doreen Austerlitz to help Benedict Yelverton. They were assist in his search for a Seeing, for the child of a Seeing was needed as a ritual sacrifice to open the gates to Lusst'ghaa. The group was originally made of up some of Doreen's fellow academics (with whom she had shared the knowledge of Lusst'ghaa), but soon drew in powerful figures of business and politics. Doreen stopped unnecessary growth, making the group more elite, and it took the name Cult of Ecstasy on August 26, 1928.

The Cult was focused on transcendence, but in the meantime took to ever more elaborate orgies to honour Lusst'ghaa. This drove away Benedict Yelverton, who came to look down on the cult.

One early member, an Ascended named Lasih, finally discovered that Benedict was himself a child of a Seeing, and could be used as a sacrifice. To spite them, Benedict Yelverton killed himself.

Doreen Austerlitz eventually fell terminally ill and feared that she would die before she could lead the Cult to Lusst'ghaa. To this end, she groomed Willard Yelverton to take over, which he did.


The Cult is extremely fond of masks for its members, and each one is unique. This is a recurring theme in all of the Cult's appearances. Masks of revered members are kept after their deaths, and can be re-used on special occassions.

Another tradition is that of adopting a new name when joining. For example, after joining the Cult, Barry Simmons became known as Christopher. It is unknown when this tradition started (Doreen Austerlitz herself seemed to use her own name, for example), but it was in use in the 21st century. As such, some members registries make note of the person's "Cult Name" with their birth name in brackets. In 2021, this tradition was not so rigorously enforced, something that Sabinian lamented.

Lust for Darkness (Spoilers)[]

The Cult gathers at Yelverton Manor for a grand ceremony on June 21, 2018. Willard Yelverton uses the child of himself and Amanda Moon and successfuly opens the way to Lusst'ghaa (fulfilling the dream of Doreen Austerlitz). However, the Changed kill several of the cultists who cross over, leading the others to have second thoughts. Angered by their betrayal, Willard kills several of the Cult of Ecstasy before his own demise. Yelverton Manor is then burned down by Amanda and Jonathan Moon, leading to more losses among the Cult.

A full list of cultists known at this time are available here.

Lust from Beyond: Prologue (Spoilers)[]

After the events of Lust For Darkness, the Cult reforms in a new mansion. Newspaper clippings indicate that the bodies of 13 cult members were recovered from Yelverton Manor, and the masks of 12 of them are on display in memorium.

The Member Registry for 2020 reads:

The Enlightened

Master of Ceremony

The Seeing



The Cult at this time seems to be in conflict with rival group the Scarlet Lodge, with the Cult holding a member of the Lodge prisoner.

Lust from Beyond (Spoilers)[]

Mabel recounts to Victor the destruction of Yelverton Manor, and how the surviving members of the Cult were led by Sabinian to his Mansion. She also reveals that not all of those members of the Cult that crossed over to Lusst'ghaa were killed. A number survived, though they were driven insane by prolonged time in the Land of Eternal Ecstasy. These derranged members of the Cult were eventually led to Bleakmoor by Charles Austerlitz, and became the Scarlet Lodge.

The Member Registry for 2021 reads:


Masters of the Ceremony

Seeing Ones



  • Hermon (Ricardo Hines)
  • Vivian (Daniel Bell)

Notes (Spoilers)[]

The newspaper in Lust From Beyond: Prologue notes that 13 dead cultists are found in the burned remains of Yelverton Manor. Clearly, those who had crossed into Lusst'ghaa and died left their bodies there, and would not be among the death toll (they total at least 30, with 27 alone in the orgy room at the end. A number of these survived to become the Scarlet Lodge). As such, the total losses of the Cult during Lust For Darkness - let alone the initial size of the Cult - is unknown.

However, there are exactly 13 cultist bodies in the Manor in Lust for Darkness. 2 on the stage in the theater, 1 in the kitchen, 1 slumped on a chair, 8 in the inner quad, and the thirteenth would be Willard Yelverton himself.