Bobby, asking for meds.

Bobby is a man gifted with the powers of a Seeing.

Lust from Beyond (Spoilers)[]

Bobby is captured by the Scarlet Lodge, who send him repeatedly to Lusst'ghaa, causing him to nearly lose his mind. He is saved by Amanda and Jonathan, who bring him back to Sabinian's Mansion.

During the winter solstice half a year later, Mabel tells Victor she is worried Bobby has disappeared, similar to how Christopher disappeared one and a half years ago. Victor replies that Bobby was excited about something the day before. Based on what happened to Christopher during the events of the Prologue and Amanda's dialogue later about sucking out Seeing powers, it can be surmised that Amanda invited Bobby to sex and Bobby was excited at the prospect of having mind-blowingly hot sex with the Queen of Ecstasy herself, but then Amanda killed him after taking his Seeing powers through sex.