Amanda Moon as she appears in Lust from Beyond, in one of the few instances where she is maskless.

Amanda Moon is a major character of the erotic and horror themed 2018 video game Lust for Darkness and its 2021 sequel, Lust from Beyond. She is the wife of the first game’s protagonist Jonathan Moon. Amanda is a Seeing - a person whose mind is connected to the Essence between dimensions, thus able to perceive the vibrations from the extra-dimensional realm of Lusst’ghaa, a so called land of eternal pleasure and ecstasy.

She is voiced by Olivia Steele.


Amanda's Mask

Amanda appears as a fairly attractive young woman with average proportions, green eyes, and red hair. Later she was shown to have black hair, donning an elegant white dress and a white mask with a depiction of the moon on its forehead.

In Lust from Beyond, Amanda's outfit consists of a white shirt with an overlying black leather jacket, blue jeans, and nice black boots. Underneath, she wears lace lingerie.

One of Amanda's hot leather boots.

One of Amanda's hot leather boots.

Lust for Darkness (Spoilers)[]

Amanda by her husband's left

Early years[]

Amanda is born to unnamed parents around the year of 1994. Unknown by her, she was the distant descendant of Harriet Yelverton, a Seeing One, whose mind is connected with the extra-dimensional realm of Lusst’ghaa, thus inherited her abilities.

Sometimes before the events of the first game, Amanda married an architect, Jonathan Moon. They lived a happy, quiet life in the suburb of Pittsburg, Pennsylvania in a dreamhouse which they built together, based on Amanda’s design. Given the fact Jonathan also built a crib, they probably planned to have children. She was interested and talented in painting.

Kidnapped by the Cult of Ecstasy[]

One day Amanda noticed that someone - a mysterious, bald man - was following her. Jonathan expressed his worries, because he suspected that the man is a psycho, but Amanda didn't take it seriously.

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However, her husband's concerns turned to be true, when the man kidnapped Amanda, who later awakened in a cell in Yelverton Manor's basement. Here she found a note from her abductor, signed as "W. D. Yelverton", who voiced in his letter how much he looks forward to their "date", and instructed her to "follow the path of love". Amanda easily found the key for her cell's locked door, and noticed the path made of candles, that had led her to strange room, full of sexual accessories. Here, the masked Yelverton knocked her unconscious, and raped her.

For the next 11 months Amanda had been with the Cult of Ecstasy and became the willing sex slave of Willard Yelverton, her abductor and the leader of the Cult. During this time, Sabinian did a painting of Amanda. Amanda also learned the teachings of the Cult about Lusst'ghaa, the promised land of eternal ecstasy and pleasure. As a Seeing - a person sensitive to the essence of Lusst'ghaa, touched by it's ruler and creator, lauv'abrarc - only by sacrificing her child could the gate of Lusst'ghaa be opened.

Since Willard insisted that only his blood was worthy to open the gate, she terminated her pregnancy by her husband, and gave birth to Yelverton's child, an only partly human baby, influenced by Lusst'ghaa. However, she seemingly had a plan of her own. She sent a letter to Jonathan, asking him to come to Yelverton Manor.

Here she claimed that, she gave birth to their child at the mansion, and Yelverton blackmailed her by threatening to kill the baby if she tried to escape. She asked Jonathan to find their son. After Jonathan found out the child was Willard's, he abandoned him in Lusst'ghaa. After setting Amanda free, she expressed guilt as she confessed that she enjoyed her stay at Yelverton Manor. As they left, she insisted that they burn it down.

Later she gave birth to Jonathan's child, but 2 years after their escape from Yelverton Manor, she left a note for Jonathan, similar to what she received from Willard before their first "date". She led Jonathan to their bedroom by a "path of love", made of candles, where she revealed that she opened her very own portal to Lusst'ghaa.

Lust from Beyond: Prologue (Spoilers)[]

The Prologue reveals that the Cult of Ecstasy has survived the destruction of Yelverton Manor, and are led by Theodore and Sabinian. Amanda makes contact with a member of this new cult, Christopher, and uses her child to lure him to Lusst'ghaa. Once there, she speaks enigmatically about being back, and that she will no longer watch others wander aimlessly. She says that she will lead, and then she has sex with Christopher until her child kills him. Then she summons Jonathan, saying it is time to save Lusst'ghaa.

Lust from Beyond: Scarlet (Spoilers)[]

The recording in Nat's room reveals Sabinian talking about Amanda. He claims that she knows more about Lusst'ghaa than anyone, and is touched by lauv'abrarc.

Lust From Beyond (Spoilers)[]

By the beginning of Lust from Beyond, Amanda is once again working with the Cult of Ecstasy. Indeed, hailed as the "Queen of Ecstasy" she is, along with Sabinian, the acknowledged leader. She is initially in Lusst'ghaa, seeking a young Vorh'n. Retrieving it, she returns to the mansion and offers it to Theodore. Because the Vorh'n rapidly loses Essence when away from its natural habitat, Amanda performs a ritual with it immediately, enhancing her Seeing abilities and allowing her to detect Victor Holloway. Victor hears her voice several times but does not meet her in person until he is captured by the Scarlet Lodge. While a Lodge member is raping him, Amanda and Jonathan appear and rescue him, with Jonathan shooting the cultist in the head.

At Sabinian's Mansion, Amanda teaches Victor how to wield Essence and shows him Xu'thrar, telling him that if Xu'thrar is opened, its technology will heal Lusst'ghaa and Victor's Seeing visions will cease. When Victor attempts to open Xu'thrar, however, he only hears a voice saying that Xu'thrar can only be opened by a specific person with a specific key.

Later, Victor finds that the Scarlet Lodge has captured his fiancée, Lily, and he asks Amanda to help him. Amanda initially refuses, as Victor has shown utter disinterest in opening Xu'thrar and healing Lusst'ghaa. Victor angrily asks Amanda whether she can imagine what Lily is going through at the Lodge's hands, and Amanda bitterly responds that she can - she was abducted, raped, and lost a child. She expresses sorrow that she also lost Jonathan, calling him "a bizarre shadow of what he once was."

Amanda suggests Victor ask Jonathan to help him. Amanda also seemingly relents, telling Victor she gave Jonathan inside information on the Eden Theatre to aid their raid. During the raid, Jonathan kills Lily, telling Victor that he was trying to save him from being blinded by love as he was.

Upon return to the Mansion, Amanda informs Victor that she will induct him into the Cult. She tells Victor that he can choose to rise above his hate for Jonathan for killing Lily, but then points out where Jonathan is. Regardless of how the player chooses to deal with Jonathan, Victor joins the Cult and is seemingly favored by Amanda.

Six months later, Amanda teaches Victor about the Trinity of Lusst'ghaa - lauv'abrarc, the Lustful God; Ac'mlale, the Inspired Mistress; and Ughro'ecna, the Great Liberator. Each god has an avatar and Amanda is the avatar of Ac'mlale, allowing her to wield Essence and open portals better than anyone else can. The avatar of Ughro'ecna can command all the Omniscient technology in Lusst'ghaa; in particular, this means he can open Xu'thrar, as Xu'thrar is built by Omniscient technology. Amanda and Victor have hot sex in the Chamber of Trinity and Victor, as Amanda expected, gains the power of Ughro'ecna's avatar. Victor goes to do further research on the Mask of Ughro'ecna, the key he must use to open Xu'thrar.

When Victor recovers the mask, however, he returns to find the Mansion in chaos. The cultists have seemingly attempted to rebel against Amanda and Amanda's wrath was great. Mabel explains to Victor that Amanda has been hiding the truth about Xu'thrar - it is not a technological hub that will heal Lusst'ghaa, but is instead a prison. Victor confronts Amanda, who reveals that lauv'abrarc himself is imprisoned within Xu'thrar, and if he were freed, he could turn Earth into a land of eternal ecstasy. Horrified at the prospect of the complete destruction of humanity and angry at Amanda's deception, Victor fights Amanda. He initially succeeds in corrupting Amanda's Essence, giving her a horrific mutation, then manages to fight her off with his gun. Amanda reveals that she is still unharmed and offers Victor a choice: have sex with her and open Xu'thrar with her.

Should the player accept, Victor opens Xu'thrar with Amanda. If the player refuses, Victor surprises Amanda by pretending to surrender and then stabbing her to death.

The 5 Queen of Ecstasy side stories expand upon Amanda's story, revealing that Sabinian had sensed something special about her and attempted to turn her against Willard during her one-year imprisonment in Lust for Darkness. She did not agree until Willard expressed his intention to use her child as a sacrifice to open Lusst'ghaa; at that point, she and Sabinian plotted to bring Jonathan into the Yelverton Manor to stop Willard. After the events of Lust for Darkness, Amanda attempted to settle back to a normal life. Sabinian attempted to contact her and convince her to return to lead the Cult, but she initially rebuffed him angrily, reminding him that the Cult had kidnapped her, raped her, imprisoned her, and taken her child. Eventually, however, her sexual frustration and Seeing visions continued to grow until she could no longer resist. She offered her and Jonathan's second child to Lusst'ghaa and forced Jonathan into a brutal, intense intercourse that broke his mind. She then brought Jonathan into Lusst'ghaa and satiated her libido while Jonathan struggled in the alien world. Eventually, in the events of Lust from Beyond: Prologue, she lured Christopher into Lusst'ghaa and had sex with him in the Chamber of Trinity, killing him and absorbing his Seeing powers. In the meantime, her child ravaged Sabinian's mansion and subdued the Cult members there, preparing them for the coming of their Queen.

Eventually, however, Amanda began to question her actions. While the Cult members served her unquestioningly, they did so out of fear of her power. Her husband's mind was broken (by her), so she had few peers and felt lonely. More importantly, she reflected on her family - giving her child to Lusst'ghaa and forcibly putting her husband through hell. When Jonathan saw what their child had become, Amanda noted how much pain she saw in him. She at least considered turning to Sabinian for advice, but regardless of whether she did, Sabinian was undercover at the Scarlet Lodge and was unavailable.

Personality (Spoilers)[]

Amanda is seen as a kind and caring person who loved and married Jonathan Moon and became pregnant with his child. After being kidnapped by Willard Yelverton, her personality changed dramatically. In her chambers in the Yelverton Manor, a locked chest can be found within it two large dildos and a snake-like ring. When Jonathan rescued her, she seemed audibly shocked about what happened and feels guilty about enjoying the things she has done in the Cult of Ecstasy. Amanda exhibited more sexualized behavior after her rescue, but kept it mostly hidden from Jonathan until she made a physical portal to Lusst'ghaa and enticing Jonathan to join with her, claiming, "Willard was right. Let's fuck."

Amanda seems to have developed 2 personas by the time of Lust from Beyond. Sometimes she appears tender and sentimental, such as when she discusses how much she treasures her memory of Jonathan proposing to her. She seems genuinely sad at how Jonathan turned into a nervous, stuttering wreck, calling him a "bizarre shadow of what he once was." Her other persona, the Queen of Ecstasy, is far less caring and is not above lying and manipulation, things she proves excellent at. Much of the events of Lust from Beyond occur by her design. It is not clear whether she knew Lily was a Scarlet Lodge member, but her dialogue to Victor ("if Lily had been alright, you'd be gone") suggests she at the very least knew to use Lily's "capture" by the Lodge to her advantage. She sent Jonathan to help Victor, but with two secret missions: steal back the Nature of Universes and kill Lily. The latter pushes Victor to despair, facilitating her inducting him into the Cult under her command. From there, she successfully manipulates Victor into believing that opening Xu'thrar would heal Lusst'ghaa when, in reality, Xu'thrar was a prison and Lusst'ghaa was beyond saving. When the Cult rebels against her near the end of Lust from Beyond, her wrath is swift and deadly.

Based on her behavior at the end of Lust for Darkness - she genuinely felt remorse for how she reacted to her imprisonment at the Cult's hands - and the 5 Queen of Ecstasy side stories in Lust from Beyond, it may be surmised that she struggles with her past, idyllic human life conflicting with her current life as an avatar for a god of Lusst'ghaa and the hyper-sexualized Queen of the Cult. In the end, she concludes that the best fate for Earth is eternal ecstasy, thereby destroying all strife, politics, etc. In particular, she knows it will prevent any more Seeing from existing and suffering the way she, Christopher, Alan, Victor, and many others had.

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  • Jonathan states that Amanda was the fan of the painter named David Kopfgewehr.
  • A large pink vibrator can be found in her drawer after she was rescued by Jonathan. This wasn't the case before she was missing.


  • Instructions/visions perceived by a Seeing include the construction of a building in the proper location with the proper dimensions, which should be precisely in line with a location in Lusst'ghaa. Amanda and Jonathan Moon designed their own home in line with Lusst'ghaa, based on visions Amanda had since she was a child. As a result, this home was plagued by phenomena, like random power outages, strange phonecalls, and the sudden appearance of candles.