Amanda's Painting features a naked Amanda Moon, and was painted by Sabinian during her time with the Cult of Ecstasy.

The full official artwork of Amanda's Painting. Only the painting-within-a-painting in the top-right is depicted in-game.

Lust from Beyond: Prologue (Spoilers)[]

The painting hangs in Sabinian's Mansion, over the staircase. At one point, when looking at it, Christopher hears Amanda's voice.

Lust from Beyond (Spoilers)[]

The painting is still up in the Mansion when Amanda herself stops by to deliver the Vorh'n to Theodore. She comments on it being a "lovely portrayal" and that Sabinian is "a gifted painter."

Elsewhere in the mansion is a copy of a letter from Sabinian to Amanda. It mentions the creation of the painting during her 11 months as the prisoner of Willard Yelverton.


While the game shows just one version of the painting, there is a second available as the game's official artwork. This second image shows the painting being made, and depicts Willard Yelverton watching Amanda being painted (presumably by Sabinian).